MEDRAD Arterion

The Mark 7 Arterion™ Injection System is the latest in MEDRAD Interventional’s “Mark” series of angiographic injectors.

The Mark 7 Arterion takes advantage of the latest technologies, making it light, manoeuvrable and easy to use. Less time positioning and setting up the Arterion means more time with the patient. The clearly visible and intuitive user interface guides you through proper set-up, and highlights the information you need to perform injections confidently.

Product Description

Unique to the market, the front load system simplifies set-up and makes for a cleaner tear down. The Mark 7 Arterion syringe provides a clear view of the contrast. With a smaller base, lighter head and a flexible articulating arm, the injector can go where it needs to go – even around corners.

Design Features of the Mark 7 Arterion™ Injector

Mark 7 Arterion has stylish ergonomics that are designed for function; the pedestal system with a smaller footprint is lighter than MEDRAD’s previous version, which increases mobility around your busy lab. And the lighter head now has a handle to make it easier to position for injection.

VFlow (Variable Flow)



Product specifications


Mark 7 Arterion brochure