MEDRAD Spectris Solaris

The market leading MRI power injector with 3.0T compatibility, enhanced ease of use and proven performance

The Spectris Solaris® EP, like all MEDRAD products, is designed with ease of use in mind. All your contrast needs are covered with this simple but smart MRI injection system. The control room monitor provides an intuitive, touch screen display with all injection parameters at your finger tips.

3T compatibility, along with MEDRAD reliability and flexibility in the MRI environment make the Spectris Solaris the clear choice for your MR practice.

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Product Description

Ease Of Use

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Protocol storage
  • Simple syringe loading


  • Excellent battery life with options for in-room charging
  • Backed by Imaxeon highly trained service technicians


  • Fibre optic technology ensures direct communication
    at all times
  • Specifically designed for the MR environment for all
    field strengths up to and including 3T
  • User settable PSI limits


  • Option of Integrated Continuous Battery Charger
  • Rapid disconnect of fibre optic cables for flexibility of movement in and out of the scan room


 Product specification