MEDRAD Dual Flow

Allows a simultaneous injection of contrast and saline at the same time.

The MEDRAD Stellant® CT injection system provides a market leading platform for all your CT needs.

The DualFlow feature of the MEDRAD Stellant D helps you utilize new high-speed scanning capabilities for Cardiac CT. When imaging the heart, a long drawn-out attenuation peak is not optimal. Precise timing is critical and Stellant D with DualFlow helps you achieve the optimum attenuation peak at the precise time it is needed for enhanced image quality.

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Product Description

Enhanced Image Quality

The secret behind DualFlow is simultaneous motion of the contrast and saline pistons. This technology allows injection of both fluids at the same time in a measured ratio. The result is closely matched attenuation levels in both sides of the heart so that artifacts are reduced and image quality is improved. These high-quality images are then more suitable for 3D enhancement software because the program has real data from which to create the rendering, not extrapolations.

An independent study¹ shows that a three-phase injection provides enhancement uniformity in both the right and left side of the heart. This is accomplished by delivering a first phase of contrast only, followed by a second phase of contrast and saline at a 50 / 50 ratio, and finally a third phase, saline flush, to ensure the optimal amount of contrast reaches the heart.


As an isotonic solution, saline is an accepted standard of care as a safe and effective IV maintenance product that is used in all hospitals around the world. When combined with saline, the structure of the contrast media is not altered, only the concentration. 1 Sablayrolles, J-L, “Cardiac CT: Experience from Daily Practice”, Advanced CT, Aug 2004: 4-10.


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