MEDRAD Intego PET Infusion System

PET infusion via on demand FDG or NaF dosing for greater flexibility, enhanced workflow, radiation protection and accurate patient specific dosing

MEDRAD Intego™ PET Infusion System

The Intego™ infusion system provides unprecedented flexibility, safety and precision in the delivery of FDG for PET imaging. The fully shielded, automated system removes the need for excessive manually handling hence the ability to reduce radiation exposure to staff. This innovative design is creating a new standard of care in FDG delivery.

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Product Description



  • Integrated ionization chamber that accurately measures each dose immediately prior to infusion
  • Consistent dose delivery +/- 2%
  • Saline flushing and test injection capability
  • Simple, intuitive user interface


  • Deliver and measure dose as needed
  • Less wastage of FDG
  • Injection may be completed from either side
  • Easy


  • Eliminating manual dosing may lead to a reduction of radiation exposure
  • Tungsten Vial Shield for transport of FDG vial
  • Air detection system
  • Saline test injection


Product specification


Intego PET brochure