MEDRAD Stellant

The market leading dual CT injector is consistently reliable, easy to use and offers enhanced safety features during critical CT contrast exams.

The MEDRAD Stellant® CT injection system provides a market leading platform for all your CT needs.

Contrast injectors are essential in CT imaging to provide consistent vessel and parenchymal enhancement to aide in the detection of abnormal tissue. As CT scanner technology advances so too does the need for advanced injection systems such as the MEDRAD Stellant®.

The Stellant D’s dual syringe design meets the requirements of the most advanced CT imaging procedures; complete flexibility, reliability and ease of use means the Stellant will fit into your practice’s workflow.

Product Description


Only Stellant® offers the following advanced options:

Dual Flow

  • Simultaneous injection of contrast and saline; essential for coronary artery contrast injection protocols
  • Simple to program
  • Minimize image artifacts


  • Personalised Patient Protocol Technology computes custom injection protocols as well as scan timing for individual patient characteristics
  • Enables more consistent images across varied patients, studies and technologists
  • Eliminates manual estimation of protocols
  • Current applications available are Cardiac P3T and Abdomen P3T

XDS® Extravasation Detector

  • XDS detects mild extravasations before they become clinically significant
  • The XDS halts the injection when an extravasation is detected; typically at 5-11 ml of fluid
  • Uses exclusive RF wave technology to reliably detect pooling of fluid in the subcutaneous tissues
  • Easy to use and provides peace of mind especially for high flow rate injections where visual monitoring is hampered

Scanner Interface (ISI)

  • Ability to synchronize the Stellant with most CT imaging systems
  • Simplify workflow
  • Improve bolus timing


Dual Flow Contrast Injection for
Coronary CTA Improves
Visualization of the Right Heart